SLS attorneys will advise students on a wide variety of legal problems which occur anywhere. They will also review housing leases and other contracts, advise and, in certain cases, represent students on University disciplinary matters, and they will prepare legal documents such as simple wills, Power of Attorney forms and Separation Agreements. In addition, where a student is a Defendant, legal representation will be provided in cases which occur within Onondaga County of which the following are representative:

  • Traffic moving violations which involve points being placed on your driving record
  • Violations, misdemeanors and certain felonies
  • DWI's
  • Landlord/Tenant problems
  • Consumer matters
  • Uncontested matrimonial matters
  • Family law matters
  • Negligence suits

​If you have a legal matter which is outside of Onondaga County, or if it is a matter that is not covered under our services, even though we cannot represent you, we will still advise you of your rights and options. We may also be able to refer you to another person, service or agency that can assist you.

SLS is also available for presentations regarding our services and legal matters, which all students should be aware of, for your fraternity, sorority or any student organization.

SLS cannot provide assistance to students whose legal interests conflict with those of another student.

To speak with an attorney, please call ahead to schedule an appointment. We do not schedule appointments through email. We are happy to advise over the phone if possible. So if you are unable to come into the office, we can also schedule telephone appointments.

Please note that we do not give legal advice through email.

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